Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bare Essentials - Los Angeles

Good Evening Everyone,

I apologize for being so tardy on blogging about my trip to Los Angeles. However, due to returning home on Tuesday and immediately planning for my graduation party and our Christmas Party, I did not have time to do much except cook, clean, decorate and bake my Addiction Cake. The entire family chipped in to help, so it was truly a team effort. I will blog about that tomorrow (graduation and party).
However, I made my first of two trips (as IML) to Los Angeles. I arrived on Thursday and Randy C. picked me up at the airport. He drove me to some of the sites that LA has to offer (Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios, etc). We then headed to his house and spent an evening in. We watched Steel Magnolias (he and my favorite movie of all time) and quoted the entire movie to each other. You are probably thanking God you did not have to witness this event or be a part of it. We find it humorous; others may find it worthy of killing someone and going to prison rather than having to listen to us quote the movie - line-for-line and no misquotes!
Friday, Randy had to work, so Dr. Larry was kind enough to pick me up and take me on a full fledged LA tour! The Hollywood Walk of Fame (where I saw the star of none other than Betty White of the Golden Girls (and she is the only Golden Girl actress with a Star and I'm ticked! They all deserve one!), that Chinese Theater (I can't remember the name, but all the famous people have their hand and foot prints in concrete out front), The Kodak Theater, the Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills, and the Hollywood Bowl. I had an incredible time!! We then headed to the airport and picked up Lenny B. (he was emceeing the main event). That evening, Rick and Brian came in from Sacramento and Randy had a small gathering at his home. We then went to The Eagle where the Avatars had their annual Wreath Auction. I was able to spend time with so many of my friends and it was incredible. My family and circle of friends has grown so tremendously over the past year and I wish I could live in every city and see everyone all of the time. However, David said I was not able to clone myself because the world is just fine with only one of me! LOL I think that was a compliment . . . .
Saturday, we had to get ready for the Bare Essentials fundraiser at Oil Can Harry's. The fundraiser was a leather, rubber, kink fashion show. Randy had called me months ago about participating in it, and I had a free weekend and truly wanted to help out. It was raising money for the Jeff Griffith Youth Center in Los Angeles. If you would like to make a donation to the organization, it is not too late. Click on this link to find out more about the Center and help support this very worthy cause!!( The fashion show was tons of fun and I really enjoyed it! Everyone in the show was freakin hot and two snaps to Dakota (American Leather Woman) for being the hottest thing on that stage! Damn, she worked it!!! Also, Bonnie Pointer, from the Pointer Sisters performed! Woo-Hoo! She kicked some ass! Personally, I could not hear the beat nor did I know what she was singing, but that woman was having a damn good time on that stage and the crowd was loving her! I did refrain from putting my "I ain't got no rhythm white ass" on the dance floor! Everyone was thankful for that. The event was a success and the last figure I heard was $6,500 was raised that evening! Again, log on to the website listed above and help support this very worthy cause!
On Sunday, we went to the Avatar Christmas Party. Thank you to all of the members for having me as your guest! I truly appreciate it! It was great to meet new people within our community and to also share some more time with the individuals I already know. And a huge thank you to Dave Rhodes for talking football with me! I rarely get that opportunity and it was great to speak to another avid fan!!
On Monday, Randy and I picked up Julian and went to Santa Monica Pier. We got some great photos of Bear! I would so love to move to Los Angeles! I am sure y'all are tired of hearing me say that I want to move to whatever city I last visited! But I truly do have a great time in every city and everyone is so nice and welcoming and I have not had a bad experience yet! Maybe one day I'll win the lottery and we can buy homes in every city and just travel from city to city.
That evening we went to the Oil Can Harry's Christmas Party. Thank you Bob for letting me be your guest at the event. It was truly an amazing time and I once again I got to spend an incredible evening with so many wonderful people. And I was able to spend time with Ken and George! (I love those two men!) I must say it was at this event that I finally felt like the Holiday Season had started. I've been traveling so much that the Holiday's just snuck up on me and I was not feeling the spirit until this evening. Thank you to everyone that was there that evening!!
Tuesday was a travel day. A day to travel home to Dallas! I must admit that as much as I love traveling, there is always that feeling of "Yea! I'm going home to see my family" on return travel days. And I am home for 3 weeks!!! Not three hours or three minutes; but three weeks!
Thank you Los Angeles for an incredible time! It was truly amazing and I cannot wait to return at the end of March for Mr. Los Angeles Leather!
Next up: Graduation from Texas A&M!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Leather Brother,

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