Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mr. Detroit Eagle

Good Evening Everyone,

My trip to the Motor City (Detroit) to support the outgoing Mr. Detroit Eagle, John Boslooper, began on Wednesday. John picked me up at the airport and he gave me an excellent tour of Detroit. The first stop was the old Grand Central Station. It is an abandoned building of grand stature and a shame that it is empty and jus sitting there. Then we went on to downtown Detroit and I must say the architecture of Detroit is some of the finest that I have seen; however, the number of abandon buildings just breaks my heart. I’m not sure why they are abandoned in the large numbers that they are. My first guess is asbestos, but again, the architecture and the presence of these buildings is amazing. He also took me down to the stadium where the Detroit Tigers play. A splendid stadium indeed and very much a stadium that takes an individual back to the grand ole days of baseball (but with modern conveniences).

We then attended a planning session for D.A.R.K., an event in February that I will also be attending. I encourage everyone to go to, find out more information concerning the event and make plans to attend. I’m even receiving the opportunity to present. I’ll be presenting my class “International Mr. Leather #31 – What the hell have I gotten myself into”. NO!! I’m so joking! It is a class on IML, the history, my title year to that point, and the direction for the remaining of my year and life after IML.

After the planning session, we headed to John’s house for the evening. Thursday we got up and I did some schoolwork; and then Ron B. (Mr. Cellblock) came in to town from Chicago and dak met up with us at the house. We went out to eat and then karaoke. Do not worry, I did not sing. They want to keep the customers in the bar; not scare them away. We had a great time that evening! John and dak did sing and I must say, they were incredible. I tapped my foot to the beat of whatever song was in my head at that moment, which was unfortunately, not the same beat as the songs playing over the speaker system. But hey, I dance to a different drummer! Thanks to John, Ron and dak for a great evening!

On Friday, many of my IML brothers (Dave W. (Mr. Michigan Leather), Robert Bowden (Mr. Outloud), Rik Treadway-Newton (Mr. Maryland Leather), John Novack (Mr. New Jersey Leather) and his partner Scott, and David Dean (Mr. Pittsburg Eagle) made it into Detroit for dinner and then the Meet & Greet. It was a great dinner (thank you John for dinner) and the Meet & Greet was enjoyable. I was able to once again play pool with John Novack and he has improved tremendously in his game! No seriously, he has. He almost beat me – twice.

John B. then allowed Dave and me to speak to the patrons of the bar about our charities. Dave spearheads Mr. Friendly and it is an incredible project!! The work he and others do on behalf of the organization is second to none. Email me about how to get Mr. Friendly information and help support this very worthy cause!! I was also able to speak to everyone about the Sharon St. Cyr Fund, Inc. and the project (2010 IML Calendar sale) we have underway to raise money. I sold 11 calendars that evening and thus raised $220. Thank you to all those at the bar that supported both causes!!

Saturday afternoon, John and I attended a wedding of a former co-worker of his. It was a beautiful wedding and, as usual, I teared up when the wedding march was played. I did not know the people getting married, but it did not matter. Something about weddings and the wedding march and I start thinking about the day I married David and I get all choked up. I love that man so much!

Then we attended the Celebration of Life for Mr. Marcus via the video-cast through the internet. John has the internet on his television, so we were able to see the Celebration. Unfortunately, the video feed did not come through, so we were only able to hear the Celebration. It was an incredible moment and a tremendous testament to the life of Mr. Marcus. He will be greatly missed. I will attach the video to my blog once I receive permission to attach it.

That evening they held the Mr. Detroit Eagle contest. First we held the interviews, and then it was the bar wear, jock and pop question portions. All of the contestants did a fantastic job and congratulations to Alan Bouchard for being selected Mr. Detroit Eagle 2010.

After the contest, I rode back to John’s house, packed and then headed to the airport to fly to Key West. I was meeting my husband in Key West for some much needed R&R! Of course, I had been up since early Saturday morning, so by the time I boarded the plane, I was beyond tired. I slept the entire flight to Miami and then again on the puddle jumper from Miami to Key West.

Congratulations to John on a fantastic year as Mr. Detroit Eagle 2009. I am so proud of you and of all that you have accomplished during your title year and beyond. And thank you for an incredible weekend!!

Next up: Toronto for Mr. Leather Toronto (after Key West of coarse!!).

Your Leather Brother,


Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. Leather Ottawa

Good Evening Everyone,

I left on Thursday to attend my first Canadian leather event, Mr. Leather Ottawa. This was Brendan McGovern’s (IML 1st runner-up and my IML brother) step-down. Last August he asked if I was available for the weekend and if I would judge the contest. Fortunately, it was an open weekend and I could not book my flight and hotel reservations fast enough! It was an event I truly wanted to attend and be a part.

Herein lies a funny story: Rick Russell (Mr. Bolt Leather and, also, my IML brother) had been asked to judge; however, when I agreed to come, he kind of got bumped to Den Daddy. He was a great sport about though and he has given me hell about it (all in fun!)!! But he made one extraordinary Den Daddy!!

So I arrived in Canada on Thursday and went through customs. The last time I went through customs in Canada was in Vancouver a few years ago when David and I were legally married (good times!!). That was a breeze. I thought, mistakenly, that this would also be a breeze. Not so much . . . The customs guy asked me why I was in Canada, I said for personal reasons. He asked what kind of personal reasons. I said to tour and to judge a leather contest. Jeffrey just made mistake #1: Do not mention leather contests when coming through customs. He asked where I would be touring. I said Ottawa. He asked specifically where I would be touring, and I said I did not know and I figured my friends would show me the city and take me to any highlights. He said, “So you’re coming to Ottawa to tour and have no idea what you’re here to see?” I said, “Basically. I trust my friends to make those decisions.” He asked the names of my friends in Ottawa. I said, “Richard.” He said, “How did you meet?” I said, “As in the very first moment we met?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “I don’t know the exact moment we met. I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast.” Mistake #2 – don’t use humor when traveling through customs. So we went back and forth about why I was here, if I was being paid for being here, what kind of leather contest it was, why was I being asked to judge the contest, where I worked, what I did for a living, was I married, where was my husband at this time, was he an American or Canadian citizen, blah blah blah. Mistake #3: Make sure you pee before trying to go through customs. There is nothing worse than trying to answer dumbass questions AND having to pee. He finally said, “How much luggage do you have?” I said, “Three pieces plus my computer bag.” He said, “Then that makes four. Have a good day.” Woo-Hoo! I made it through customs. I cannot wait to go through the Toronto custom line in two weeks . . .

Richard picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at the hotel. I was able to unpack and then I did a lot of schoolwork. It was a down evening for me. Rick, who was staying at the hotel with me, did not arrive until midnight that evening, so it was a great chance for me to kick back and get a ton of schoolwork completed. It had been a long day of travel for Rick, so we hit the bed soon after his arrival and had a good night’s sleep.

Friday was a day for us to tour a little. The highlight was the Canadian Mint. It wasn’t so much the fact that they made the money here, it was awesome because we were able to see the 2010 Winter Olympic medals being made. Not everyone can say they have seen them, and it was very cool to see them. They are actually very unique and beautiful! Then we saw the huge 99.999 pure gold $1,000,000 coin. It’s actually value was (I believe) a little over 4 million dollars now; however, it was the largest coin I have seen in my life and I tried to get Rick to fake a heart attack while I slipped it into my bag, but to no avail. We then were able to handle a block of gold that was chained down. I believe it weighed about 28 pounds. I thought it would make a great gift for David; however, again, Rick was worried he could not be convincing in faking a heart attack in order to cause the distraction. I need a better partner in crime! LOL (I’m joking! My God, Canadian customs will never let me through now. . .)

That evening, we had the judges meeting and then a dinner and then the Meet & Greet. I met all of the contestants, and each of them was a stellar candidate in their own right. They each brought something to the table and I knew immediately that it would not be an easy task to judge this contest. After the Meet & Greet, we headed to the Cell Block for drinks and socializing.

The next morning, Rick and I were up early to ensure we got to the venue on time for interviews. The interviews were very interesting, and proved my first thought about the contest was accurate – this would not be easy. Of course, I asked my standard first question (take note contestants!): Do you have a partner? If they answer in the affirmative, then I ask, “Tell me specifically how you and your partner prepared your relationship for you to run for this title and potentially hold this title.” If they answer that they do not have a partner, then I ask, “Tell me about your support system to assist you in making it through your title year.” I received some great answers from the contestants; however, that is not always the case. It surprises me the number of people that have not had that discussion with their partner and researched how a title affects a relationship. A relationship is difficult enough to manage at times and when you throw in a title, it becomes a bit more difficult. So contestants, communicate with your partners and your support system. You will need them onboard with you! You cannot get through a title year successfully without communicating before you run and then especially after you are awarded the title. Okay, I’m off my soapbox now! LOL

That afternoon, I took a nap! I was not feeling too well, and I knew that Saturday evening would be a long evening and I needed all of my wits about me. That evening, they held a formal leather dinner and then a social for a couple of hours before the contest. Then the contest started. You may see photos of the contest at This was a perfect production and you could tell the Ottawa Knights had taken special care to ensure that this production went off without a hitch. Very professional!

I offer one suggestion to make the entire production complete: Offer a sign interpreter. I was told by someone that the deaf community was not that large; however, y’all know my argument to that reasoning. Even if only one person needs the interpreter, then you have an interpreter. Those with hearing impairments have every right to enjoy the contest just like everyone else. But I will say this about the production team: When they discovered I needed an interpreter, they bent over backwards to get one for me; however, they were not able to do so. I am fortunate in that I can read lips from a mile away, so I was still able to enjoy the contest. However, I have no doubt that the production team will offer this service in the future, and I learned that I need to be more proactive in making my needs known and not assuming that interpreters will be provided. And, please, do not take this as me being upset with anyone. I am not. I am thankful that I had this chance to shed light on the sign interpreter situation. This is how we improve our community and that is what this journey is all about, right!!?? The entire Ottawa community was one of the most welcoming, nicest and thoughtful group of individuals I could ever have had the privilege of visiting with. I can honestly say that Ottawa is on my short list for returning next year!

Again, the contest was awesome and I had an incredible time! Congratulations to Mike Tattersall for being named Mr. Leather Ottawa!

I do want to tell you about the fundraiser that Rick and I spearheaded with Brendan. As you guys know, Brendan has a red Mohawk. He stated that he was wanting to cut if off, as he is about to search for another job opportunity in a couple of months. So Rick and I (never a good combination) asked him if he would not mind auctioning off the cutting of his hair with the audience that evening. He agreed! So, after his step-down speech (amazing speech!), I walked out and let him know how proud of him I was, but that with everything in life, change was inevitable. And in order to raise money for the next Mr. Leather Ottawa’s travel fund, we would be selling, for $10 an inch, a clip of his hair. And the person that paid the ten dollars would be able to cut the hair off of his head. Was that was complete, we would then auction to the highest bidder the chance to chance to clip the remainder off with a pair of clippers. Over $500 was raised! The crowd lined up for the chance and, although it was all in good fun and for charity, I have to give Brendan the loudest of accolades. He was a true sport through the entire event and still looks like a million bucks with his newly shaved head!

After the contest, I went back to the room for bed. Again, I had not been feeling well, so I wanted to get to bed and get some rest. In all of this crazy travel, I have to take time to take care of myself and make sure I get the rest that I need.

Sunday morning, Rick and I got up so we could attend the Victory Brunch. Again, it was an amazing time and I enjoyed spending time with everyone in a more relaxing, non-contest, atmosphere. After brunch, I headed to the room to complete about four hours worth of schoolwork. I will be so thankful when this semester is over and I can take the spring semester off. My world will be a lot less stressful! Come on December 19th! Graduation date!
That evening, before we headed to the final dinner, Peter came to see me. Peter was one of my IML judges. He and I had a very good conversation about my travel schedule, my education, my hearing, etc. He said he was concerned I was doing too much and that I needed to ensure that I took care of myself. He said that he was amazed as to how much of my hearing I had lost since IML and that he was sure that my stress levels were not helping the situation. I promised him I would take care of myself better; and he said that I had better or he was going to contact David (my husband) and then send Mindy (one of my other IML judges) down to Dallas to whip my ass! (LOL; and that’s a nervous laugh, because Mindy could and would . . .) I will say this, I have never in my life felt like I had more people watching my back for me and caring about me. I truly am a lucky man. But I do need to ensure I take care of myself.

Then Rick and I headed to the dinner. There was a jazz band playing, and needless to say, it was noisy! But it is always so great to spend time after the contest with the community. Everyone is more relaxed and conversation is always great!

We then headed back to the hotel so we could pack. Brendan came by one last time to say goodbye. I am so proud of him. He had an amazing year as Mr. Leather Ottawa and he is truly an amazing young man! He will go far, not just within our community, but also in life.

And now, it is Monday and I’m sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane for D.C. and then off to Dallas. I look forward to seeing my husband, our boy and our puppies. As much as I am thrilled to be IML and being given the opportunity to travel the world representing our community, I miss being home. But we are about to the half-way point of the title year! The second half of this journey will make the first part look like a cakewalk though! LOL!

Next up: Detroit for Mr. Detroit Eagle.

Your Leather Brother,


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mr. Maryland Leather 2010

Good Evening Everyone,

Rik Newton-Treadway, the current Mr. Maryland Leather, was one of my International Mr. Leather brothers, having competed alongside me. He is an amazing man, both personally and within our community. When I reached out to my IML brothers, I let Rik know that I would be at his step-down, hell or high-water. He had informed me that this was an Anniversary Year (20th) for the contest, and they were only having former MML’s judge the contest, so I would not be able to fill the role of a judge. That did not bother me in the least. By not having to judge the contest, I was able to see the contest as an audience member, and more importantly, had the chance to mix and mingle with the crowd compared to having to serve as a judge and the schedule attached to it.

So I flew up on Thursday. Y’all know how much I like to get there the day before the event, in case of flight delays/cancellations. I do not like to be late to events, so coming in a day earlier is more relaxing and also affords me the opportunity to settle in and maybe see some sights.
Rik picked me up at the airport on Thursday and he had to run some errands in preparation for the MML contest. As we were running the errands, he was able to show me some of the sights of Baltimore. I was surprised (in a good way) about the ‘look’ of Baltimore. It was more industrial than I had envisioned. I do not know where my vision of Baltimore stemmed from; however, it did differ. The architecture was incredible! I love that the city renovates buildings rather than tearing them down and building anew. It preserves the look and feel and spirit of a city. Incredible city, to say the least.

That evening we had dinner with many of Rik’s family. Some of them, I already knew and some of them I was able to meet for the first time. I enjoyed meeting them. They truly are a family with a wonderful spirit about them.

Friday morning I went to the gym with Nate. I was able to do some cardio and weight lifting, so yeah!! I have to ensure I am able to fit into my leather! David would kill me if I ever had to go out and purchase new leather!

Friday evening we went to the Meet & Greet. This is where I was truly able to meet so many people of the Baltimore community. What an amazing group of people. So welcoming and genuine. If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt the presence of a community that was in sync, then this is what it was like visiting with the community. Besides the supporting community, Dakota (American Leather Woman), Johnny Boy (American Leather boy), Damian (Mr. New Jersey Leather 2010), tons of former MML’s, many other current and former titleholders, the three contestants and their supporters were in attendance. It was hard not to have a great time! And I didn’t have to be in “judge” mode!

The contest began on Saturday at 2 p.m., so it was an early start in preparing to get ready. Master Mike (Mike Zuhl) had contacted me that morning to let me know that due to being under the weather, he would not be able to make it to Rik’s step down and asked if I would read a message from him during the contest. I was honored that Mike asked me to this, so I was more than thrilled to jump at the chance. During the contest, the emcee asked Rik to come to the stage and then asked his entire family to come to the stage. I read the letter from Mike and I must say I was never more touched by a letter than the one I read to Rik from Mike. Obviously, Rik was very moved by the words as well, as tears came down his face. Rik is an amazing man, and it truly was an honor to be there for him at this moment.

The contest was a huge success and ran on time (there is a lot to be said for contests that run on schedule! LOL). Congratulations to all of the contestants for a superb job in representing your community and to Justin Smith for being selected Maryland Mr. Leather 2010. I wish all of you the very best in your journey!

After the contest, we had a catered dinner (YUM!). It was great to spend time with Richard, John, Spankie, Johnny Boy, Dakota, and others. I had seen most of them last week in San Francisco; however, any time with them is grand!!

We then drove back to Rik’s home, changed outfits and went to the Victory Party at the Eagle. It was also another opportunity afforded to me to spend time with the community and socialize. I was able to spend some time with John H. (Mr. DC Eagle 2009), John N. (Mr. NJ Leather 2009), Dave B., Richard (photographer extraordinaire!), Rik and many others. I even played pool John N. and that was hilariously funny. Neither John nor I is the natural at playing pool and it was painfully obvious. I then played Dave B. and he whopped my ass. So my pool career was over before it ever began. Then it was off to Rik’s home, as I was tired and it had been a long day.

Sunday was a day for touring. We got a late start; however, we made it to Ft. McHenry, the Shot Tower and a few other incredible sites around Baltimore. Bear joined us, so I was able to get some great shots of him around the city. That evening, Rik, Andy, Connie, Lou, Eric and I played spades (or some very unique rendition of spades . . . LOL) and enjoyed each others company. It was genuinely nice to sit and relax and spend some down time with them. Before bed, Rik stopped by my room and we were able to just sit and chat about “life”. Again, he is an incredible man, and it meant so much to me that we were able to sit and share and confide in each other. And no, we did not braid each others hair or do our nails while we chatted. We did that the night before the contest! LOL

Before I headed out today (Monday), I was able to sit down with Andy and he conducted an interview with me. It was a great conversation and I enjoyed sharing my journey with him. I look forward to the article coming out! I had read some of his other interviews and he is a thorough and fair writer!

I recommend everyone make it to Baltimore on December 12, 2009 for the 12 Days of Christmas fundraiser. It is a great cause and I can guarantee that you will have an incredible time!! I would be there again; however, I had a previously scheduled event in Los Angeles.
Now I am 38,000 feet in the air, headed home for two days to spend some time with my husband, David, our boy, adam, and our four puppies. I relish this grand opportunity to travel, represent our community and meet each and every one of you; I never could have imagined this as part of my life journey. However, I would be lying if I said I did not look forward to my flights home to see my family and wrap my arms around them.

On another note unrelated to this trip, I wanted to let everyone know that my blog will be voice recorded and uploaded beginning Thanksgiving weekend, in addition to the standard written format we have all grown accustomed. We have a large number of people within our community who are sight impaired and not able to read a computer screen (and thus my blog), so to remedy the situation, I will go back and read each blog as a separate podcast and post them. I will then blog and record the podcast each week. I hope our community finds this additional media useful and will alert others that might be able to use this media to its availability.

Next up: Ottawa, Canada for Ottawa Mr. Leather. I depart early Thursday morning. Until then, take care of yourselves.

Your Leather Brother,


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

International Leather Sir - boy - Community Bootblack

Good Evening Everyone,

International Leather Sir, boy and Community Bootblack was held in San Francisco this past weekend. David was able to join me at the event, and it was a great time not only because the event was outstanding, but also due to my husband being in attendance!! As everyone knows, David is rarely able to attend events with me, so it is truly special when he is able to attend.

I arrived Thursday and David arrived late Thursday evening. I met up with just about everyone I knew at this event. It literally took an hour to walk through the lobby. boy jason, due to Sir Jason competing in the contest, was "leased" (LOL!) to David and I for the weekend. At one point, boy jason commented that being the boy to IML was tiring, because we never seemed to move but took hours greeting and meeting people. I had to chuckle because I thought, "Welcome to my world!" I love it!! But it does take some getting used to if you're not used to it. But please note that boy jason was joking! boy adam will be joining me at Mid-Atlantic Leather in January, and I look forward to his reaction. He will have to also be at the top of his game in order to keep up with me AND all of you!!! LOL

On Thursday evening, we went to a Meet & Greet at Mr. S Leather. A great gathering and I was able to see Josh. I don't get to see him often, so it was nice being able to run into him. I was also able to meet most of the contestants. Right after that, we went to another Meet & Greet at the hotel. It was there that I was able to meet the rest of the contestants. This was an incredible ILSb class and they all seemed to be prepared for the contest. (Once the contest started, it was proven to be true!!)

Friday, David and I went shopping for a new leather jacket for him. We found exactly what he wanted and at a great price! I also purchased a new pair of leather pants!! That evening was the first part of the contest. The Sirs and boys gave their speeches and participated in jock wear. All of them did an incredible job and brought their own unique style to each category. My compliments to all of their efforts. Y'all know how much I love to hear about other people's journeys and how their journey was affected or not affected by events or circumstances. To that end, the speeches were incredible! That evening, we went out to a couple of the bars; however, stayed at the SF Eagle for the most part. Gary, my IML brother was there (and not working), and he ensured that everyone had a grand time! In fact, most everyone was still feeling the effects of that grand time well into the afternoon the next day . . . LOL

Saturday, David and I slept in and that was an experience for the books!! We did not have the puppies in the bed with us, so we were able to cuddle all night and we also did NOT set the alarm clock!! Once we did get up, we sold the 2010 International Mr. Leather calendars (see previous blog) for a few hours. The community was very supportive and we had a great showing. Remember! All of the profits go to The Leather Archives & Museum, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Hearing from the Heart! None of the profits go to my travel fund. (I think some folks were under that impression.) Purchase your calendar today!!

That evening, we attended the 2nd and final portion of the contest. It was an incredible showing and I was proud of each and every one of the contestants. They brought their own unique style and journey to the stage and the contest and made the entire event shine. Big congratulations to Sir Tony Palazzo and boy brad hill, International Leather Sir and boy respectively. And a HUGE congratulations to Syr Evan from Dallas, Texas on being selected International Community BootBlack. Our hometown is proud of you!!!!!!!

Since the final portion of the contest corresponded with Halloween night, we went out to the SF Eagle to celebrate. Thank you Gary for your California hospitality!! I think I can say for all of us, we had an incredible time!!! After the SF Eagle, we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat and then went home.

Sunday, David had to leave for home. We took him to the airport (thank you Jay and Michael!!) and then I headed to Stompers for the victory brunch. Had a great time, as always. Then we headed over to the SF Eagle for the beer bust. For me it was a Crown and Coke bust. In fact, after my IML title year, I will more than likely be running for the Mr. Betty Ford Leather title. I had a great time there and then we were supposed to head to the Lone Star; however, the friends I was with thought they knew how to get there and they did not. They took me to the Hole in the Wall instead. So we hung out there for a while. It was nice to wrap up the weekend there.

I flew home on Monday. I've been doing school and day-to-day stuff since returning home. It's always good to be home, even if it is for only two days.

Next up: Baltimore for Mr. Maryland Leather contest. Looking forward to it!!

Your Leather Brother,


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"1000 in 25" Challenge

David and I began the program "Hearing from the Heart" with The Sharon St. Cyr Fund, Inc. to raise money to assist individuals within our community with the purchase of hearing aids. Our first project to raise money has been the 2010 International Mr. Leather #31 calendars and sales are going extremely well; however, the demand for assistance is higher than we ever anticipated. The requests for assistance has been overwhelming since making the announcement and the requests do not look like they will slow down. In response to this, David and I are issuing the "1000 in 25 Challenge" to our community; 1000 calendars sold in 25 days. As a community, when we make this goal, 8 individuals, at minimum, will be provided with a hearing aid before Christmas.

31 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, yet 24 million are without hearing aids. Why, you ask? Hearing aids are not usually covered by medical insurance companies. With the cost for one hearing aid around $2,500, most people are not able to make the purchase. David and I spent $5,000 on my hearing aids, and whereas we are fortunate that we had the money to make the purchase, there are plenty of individuals within our own community who are not able to make this purchase.

I know that one day soon I will have lost my ability to hear the spoken word; however, studies have shown that persons who wear hearing aids are able to hear for longer periods of time before losing their hearing entirely. Think of it as a "use it or lose it" situation. The daily use of hearing aids enables a person whose hearing loss is inevitable to hear for a longer period of time; if a person does not use hearing aids, a person loses their hearing more rapidly. The sooner we get people fitted with a hearing aid, the sooner we can help them potentially offset their hearing loss.

I realize that 1000 calendars may seem like a lot of calendars and $20 may seem like a lot of money for a calendar. And yes, this is the part where Sally Struthers would usually talk about how "For a cup of coffee a day you can sponsor a child" and parade all the little children around her and say, "Do it for the children". I'm not going to do that. I will parade hot leathermen and leatherwomen around me though, but that has nothing to do with the selling of calendars. That's another fund raiser . . .

But I will say this. I know what it is like to slowly hear the world go a little quieter every day. I relish the moments that I hear my husband, my friends and my community tell me they love me. That is why this project is so important to me. I want everyone to hear those words as long as they possibly can hear them.

I know our community has 1000 individuals that are able to spend $20. Maybe at this time it isn't you and that is understandable. But do you know of someone that is able and willing? Forward this information to them in an email and send them a link to If they do not want to pay with a credit card, they may mail a check made out to "The Sharon St. Cyr Fund, Inc." to 2641 Heatherwood Drive, Dallas, TX 75228. And why stop at only one person? The more we sell, the more hearing aids we are able to purchase.

I thank those that have already stepped forward to support this cause and I thank you for stepping forward now.

Your Leather Brother,