Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. Phoenix Leather

Good Evening Everyone,

Mr. Phoenix Leather began the 2010 International Mr. Leather tour; also known as the “Insane Traveling Plans of IML 31, Part 2”. Part 1 was from Memorial Day 2009 until December 31, 2009. Now the International Travel kicks into high gear; plus many other stops within the States.

However, let’s get back to Mr. Phoenix Leather. Way back when, my IML brother, Bob Weber, the current Mr. Phoenix Leather, contacted me about attending his step down and also judging the event. I could not say yes fast enough! So upon arrival I was greeted by none other than Bob at the airport. It was so good to finally see him again. We had been communicating back and forth about the trip for what seemed like months and it was finally all coming together. We immediately went to get something to eat (I’m always hungry!) and then we drove out to his home. That evening we attended a pre-Mr. Phoenix Leather 2010 party, in which we were able to meet the contestants vying for the title, as well as I was able to meet many of the community members. We had an incredible time and I was able to share a cigar (a rare but enjoyed pastime of mine) with many others. Then they started with the karaoke and let’s just say that yours truly did not participate in that activity. The only person that actually enjoys hearing me sing is my husband, but I think it is a type of masochistic activityhe puts himself through as some kind of punishment for something he did wrong many moons ago.

The next evening was the official Meet and Greet and Bar Crawl. They rented a bus (a HUGE bus; like the kind Loretta Lynn would have on one her tours! LOL). We had just as good a time on the bus as we had in each of the bars. But it was a very good time going from bar to bar and spending time with everyone in the community. It was also a great chance to watch the contestants and to get to know them one-on-one.

The next day, Bob, Oscar and I went touring. The city of Phoenix has a lot of history and it was great to be able to spend some time admiring the architecture and learning of their history. Both of them were excellent tour guides!

That evening was the contest. It was a very close contest (the closet I have ever witnessed and believe me, I have witnessed some close contests). Congratulations to Kyle McDonel. I have no doubt you will serve your community with dignity and respect throughout your title year and beyond.

The next day, Bob and I headed out again to tour the city and once again, he provided a wonderful tour and I genuinely enjoyed not only seeing their city, but also spending time with him. He and Oscar are both incredible men and I am honored to call them my brothers. We then headed to the victory party (beer bust) where I was able to spend some additional time with community and say my farewells. That evening, the three of us went home and ate pizza and chatted about our journeys, our goals and our community. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

A special thank you to the producers of the contest, Kenneth and Stephen. Both of you did an exceptional job with producing the weekend event, and on a personal note, you also stepped up and ensured that a sign interpreter was made available to me and everyone else that was in need of the service. This is an appreciated addition to any contest and my heartfelt thank you to both of you, as well as the community, for continuing to provide sign interpreters.

On Monday, I was off to the airport to return home. I thoroughly enjoyed Phoenix and look forward to returning with David and adam one day after IML to go with Bob and Oscar to the Grand Canyon!

Next up: Washington D.C. for Mid-Atlantic Leather

Your Leather Brother, Jeffrey

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