Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Once again, it was a busy weekend. I started the weekend at the Hidden Door on Friday night working the registration table for the Firedancers Run and Contest. Met some great men and women and was also able to catch up with a few of my friends. Then I headed to the Dallas Eagle to say hello. Both places were crowded and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. My friend Rene, Mr. Houston Leather, was in attendance and it's always good to catch up with him.

Saturday night I went back to the Hidden Door and judged the 2009 Firedancers Contest. It was alot of fun and I would like to congratulate Billy Muyo (photo attached), the new Mr. Firedancer 2009. He will go on to compete in the Mr. Texas Leather Contest in January, 2010.

Sunday was the usual brunch with John & Kevin, Kyle, and Alberto & Dale, and my husband, David. Kevin was not able to attend (under the weather; get to feeling better!!) We have had different locations for our weekly brunch, but as of late, we have been going to Buzzbrews on Lemmon. Great place (although if they could turn the music down a tad, that would help my participation in the conversation . . .). Great food though!!

Then it was off to water volleyball! This is the most enjoyable part of summer to me. Every Sunday, weather permitting, a large group of us get together and play water volleyball. There is alcohol involved and their is no line judge, so the rules are not strict. If anyone says, "You just did a Rachel", that means you held the ball (like David does) for five seconds and then threw it wherever you wanted to throw it. One more reason I love my husband! But seeing that I will not be home many Sundays this summer, I enjoyed my time with everyone even more. I have this coming weekend and then it's about an 8 week run of traveling.

Then it was off to Illusions to be auctioned off in the "Daddy Auction". There were 9 of us being auctioned off and everyone did so well. They raised almost $1500 for the Aids Services of Dallas. And I'll share with you like I shared with the crowd last night, "Fundraising depends on all of us. Whether we donate our time, our money or our talents, it is all important. And always know that you are helping someone, not just the people surrounding you tonight or the people that you know, but people that you may never meet. Part of my childhood was spent in an orphanage and I depended on people like you that gave from your heart and yet they never knew who they were giving to. I depended on their generosity and kindness to make sure that I was fed, clothed and had a roof over my head. So I will spend my life making sure I pay it forward, just like all of you. So I thank each of you.

Then David and I went home and I crashed. Then it was back to work this morning. When is July 31 going to be here . . . LOL

Take care.
Yours in Leather,

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