Monday, July 6, 2009

San Francisco Pride

Good Evening Everyone,

I know I am behind as far as posting to my blog; however, I've been busy! LOL Tonight I will post about San Francisco Pride and then tomorrow evening I will post about International Deaf Leather in Chicago.

San Francisco was truly an experience! It was my first "out of town" event as IML and I had an excellent time. The first night, I spent it pretty low key - just going out to the bar and meeting people. Then Friday night was the fundraiser at Mr. S Leather where I got to spend some time with my sash wife (Lamalani). I just LOVE her!! Then Saturday night was more of the same, meet and greets and such. Then Sunday was the Pride Parade. What a massive amount of people. To be watching it had to be fun; however, to be riding in it was mind blowing. Of coarse, it was the hottest day of the year and I was in full leather, so it made for a 'warm' ride. But that was all overshadowed by the experience of it all. I just could not get over the large number of people in attendance. After the parade, there is a festival and that was just wall-to-wall people. That, of coarse, is when my "I-HOP" nickname came to life. It seems that Randy thought it would be funny to start telling people (after one woman only read "International" on my sash before jumping to the conclusion that I was a part of I-HOP) that I was Mr. "International House of Pancakes" and that if they mentioned my name at I-HOP, they would receive a free stack of pancakes. And to also make sure they tried the Boysenberry syrup, as it was the best on the market.

I'll just say that some people in this world are just too damn gullible, or drunk. I'm also wondering how many people people went to I-HOP wanting their pancakes.

The photo attached is one of Randy and myself.

Big thank you's go out to Jay and Michael for coordinating the parade, for doing ALL of the leg work for me in getting me into the parade and for picking me up and dropping me off at the airport. To Brandon Clark for coordinating the Fundraiser at Mr. S Leather. To Josh and Adam for entertaining me every night and showing me around S.F. To Rick (Mr. Bolt) and his partner Brian for being so great to hang out with. And finally to the entire community for welcoming me to the city and showing me the best time possible!!
I'll write tomorrow about Chicago!
Your Leather Brother,

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