Monday, July 20, 2009

Seattle - Wedding

David and I traveled to Seattle to be a part of the wedding of two dear friends of ours, Debbie and Wendy. I have never been to Seattle before, so it was great to be in this neck of the woods. My sash wife, Lamalani, was out of town, so I was not able to spend any time with her. That was disappointing; however, I will have many more opportunities to come up and spend some time with her.

The wedding was beautiful and I’ve attached a photo of the David and myself. I officiated the wedding and had a great time. I had requests after the ceremony to do their weddings. I’m always happy to marry people. I’m not too worried if the government recognizes it; I’m all about celebrating the love between two people. One day, it will be legal for all of us; however, until then, I’m just going to marry as many people as I can!

The wedding was held in upstate Washington, and the weather was beautiful. At no time did it rain while I was in Seattle or upstate Washington. In fact, mid-afternoons were a bit warm, but not unbearable (like in Texas!). The wedding took place outside by the water and it was magical. You could feel the energy between Debbie and Wendy and the guests. I enjoyed sharing the moment with them. Their families were wonderful and I enjoyed spending time with them. You know how when you meet someone, you know you have met “good people”. That’s what it was like meeting their family. They were the most sincere, genuine people. I’m a hugger (most of you know that by now). And when I hug people I can always pick up on their energy. Every single one of them had this incredible energy and it was awesome to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

Next up: Fort Lauderdale and the Ramrod. I cannot wait!! I love the beach!!

Your Leather Brother,


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