Monday, August 17, 2009

TIFLOL High Tea Party

David held his first TIFLOL High Tea Party and Fundraiser last Saturday night. It was a great success and I wish to thank everyone that attended the party. Photo's of the event can be seen at
TIFLOL stands for "The International First Lady of Leather". Some have said they think the title is an insult to David; however, David embraces it with all the passion he has and he owns it!! He tells everyone that he can think of no better title to have because that means his husband must be International Mr. Leather and he likes the idea of sharing this journey with him and it also means he gets to go to bed every night with him (well, every night he's in town . . .)! (I like that, too!!)
David did an excellent job at organizing the event on my behalf. We had auction items, a raffle, food and lots of alcohol. In fact, too much alcohol, as we had plenty left over. But the most wonderful thing about this party was the fact that I got to spend time with my local Dallas friends. I have been on the road so much (and will be on the road so much in the coming months) that I don't get to spend the time I used to be able to spend with them. It was so wonderful to just be able to sit back and talk and spend those precious moments with them. I miss them so much. But they support my journey to the n'th degree and I cannot thank them enough for that.
Love you all!!!! A special thank you to our friend Kyle who had the party at his home! We appreciate you so much!!
Your Leather Brother,

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