Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Afternoon Everyone,

The above photo and the attached photo were taken by Howard, who owns SylvesterQ photography. This, and other photos, were taken while I was in Ft. Lauderdale. The shoot came during the pool party, so he only had about six or seven minutes with each person, but in those few minutes, he did an incredible job and treated each person with the utmost of respect. His attention to detail and his insight into what best captures a person is second to none. He is a true artist at work and I highly recommend him!
Oh, and let me go ahead and put this out there: I am not a paid spokesman for Howard. I have received nothing in return for blogging (and bragging) about him. Good photographers with true talent are few and far between and when I work with one (such as Howard), I'm going to tell the world. He's an artist, through and through.
So if you are in the area (Ft. Lauderdale) or going to be in the area for any length of time, I HIGHLY recommend that you contact him for a full photo shot (and tell him Jeffrey sent ya!). You can check him out at There is a link to email him; however, you can reach him at And send me copies once you receive them!!
Your Leather Brother, Jeffrey

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