Monday, September 21, 2009

Dallas Pride Weekend

Good Evening Everyone,
This past weekend was Dallas Pride. We had an incredible time. Sir Jason and Master John flew in from Ft. Lauderdale and boy jason (Sir Jason's boy) flew in from his business trip in San Antonio. It was great having them visit and stay with us. Also, Lowell & Elliott from Houston came in; however, they stayed at a hotel, due to limitations in how many folks our home can hold.
The weekend start on Friday evening once everyone had flown in. We, along with boy adam, went to Sal's Pizza for dinner and then to the Eagle and the Round-Up. It was just a relaxing evening. I did get to two-step with my husband for one dance, which I always enjoy. It'll also be the last time I get to do that until December!
On Saturday we got up and went to the Kinky Karnival held at the Dallas Eagle during the afternoon. David worked with Leather Knights and sold hotdogs and hamburgers and I worked the dunking booth, as in, I got in it and got dunked. Who knew so many leather men and women could throw a softball with such good aim . . . LOL
That evening, we headed back to the Eagle and had a great time. It was my first time in town for a while, so I got to catch up with friends and let them see that I was okay and alive!
Sunday was the parade. I was able to ride in John and Kevin's new Infinite and DAMN it's a great vehicle! Leather Knights supported and walked with me, as well as other friends of mine. My husband, David, and friends, Lowell and Elliott, carried the IML sign and looked damn good doing it!! We threw beads and 'facial towels' (aka: cum towels) to the crowd with the IML 2009 logo on it. Had a fantastic time! The crowds were enthusiastic and large in numbers. It's always an incredible experience to feel and hear them celebrate Pride!!

Sunday evening we went to John and Kevin's home and relaxed in the pool. After a day of wearing leather in the hot sun, it was nice to strip down to nothing and jump in a pool!
A special thanks to my club brothers in Leather Knights for supporting and walking with me. To my out of town friends (Master John, Sir Jason, Billy , Lowell, Elliott and boy jason) that joined us and walked to help celebrate not just Dallas Pride, but Gay Pride! To boy adam for being the official photographer before, during and after the parade for me. To John and Kevin and letting me use their beautiful car to ride in. And to the men and women of Dallas! Thank you for helping make this an incredible experience!
Okay, I won't be in Dallas for another weekend until the first weekend in December when I hand over my Mr. Dallas Eagle title. Lot's of travel is in front of me! Look for me in a city near you and make sure to come talk to me if you see me!

Your Leather Brother,
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