Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Houston Leather and the Misfits Ball

Good Evening Everyone,

This past weekend started with my driving to Houston. I actually drove, so there was no possibility for flight delays! David was able to go with me! I love any trip that involves my husband!! Also, our friend Jason (Piggy Boo) drove in from San Antonio to spend the weekend with us and the leather community in Houston.

Friday night we had dinner with many members of the leather community. Bob, owner of Black Hawk Leather, was gracious enough to provide the dinner and it was a great start to what would prove to be an incredible weekend! We then headed over to the Ripcord for the Meet & Greet with the two contestants vying for the Mr. Houston Leather title. Had a great time seeing so many of our friends and it was great to also meet so many people in the community that David has known for years; however, I had not been able to meet them yet.

Saturday we held the interviews for the two contestants in the afternoon. Both contestants did a superb job during the interviews. Both are rather new to the leather community; however, they showed an eagerness to learn and entrench themselves into our community.

Then the fun really began! We went back to the room and took a nap! LOL I still have not adjusted to and then from the time difference of going to Berlin last week. It's amazing what an eight hour difference can do to your sleep patterns. But then we got up, ate dinner, and went to the contest. It was a great contest and the crowd was awesome. I did give a speech and the community raised $600 for my travel fund by auctioning off a basket donated by Bob at Black Hawk Leather. Wow! David and I were blown away from the generosity shown to us by the community. Thank you so much. And know that your contributions will actually be split between the Leather Archives and Museum (Change the Past Campaign), NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) and the SSC Fund (Hearing from the Heart Program). David and I have always felt we were blessed by our community and we have to continue to pay it forward. But again, thank you to the entire Houston Leather Community!

The contest was fun! Congratulations to Duke, 2009 Mr. Houston Leather. I know you will represent the title and community with dignity and honor.

A special thank you to Robert. Robert was one of the emcees and interpreted for me. Y'all know me and I always push for interpreters, not just for me, but for all those that are in need of the service. It should always be a staple in producing a contest or having any type of event.

Sunday morning we went for Brunch with many men of the Houston Leather Community, and a huge thank you to Chris for treating all of us to one of the best brunches I've had in a long time. Excellent food!!! And the company was second to none!

Then Sunday late-afternoon and evening, we attended the Misfits Ball. That was a great event! They raised over $11,000 for the various charities they support! Awesome job to all of them!! They did auction my jock off; which was an incredible amount of fun. The attendance was tremendous, and David, Jason and I had an incredible time!!

This week is Dallas Pride Week and the parade is on Sunday. It is my last weekend home until the Mr. Dallas Eagle 2010 contest the first weekend in December. If you can make it out to the Parade or the Eagle this weekend, please make sure to say hello! I'd love to see all of you!!

Your Leather Brother,


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