Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2010

Good Evening Everyone,

Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2010 was held in Tulsa, OK this year and it was awesome! I've been to Tulsa for two events now, and each time, I have had a magnificent time! Fortunately, David was able to make the trip with me!! Also, boy adam, Lamalani, Sir Jason, boy jason, Master John, Mark Frazier, Ron Todd, Sir David, a large number of Leather Knights brothers, and countless others made it into town. It was a great reunion of sorts, because most of these people are from Dallas and the only time I get to see them now-a-days is when I'm out of town at events they also attend! LOL

I flew in on Friday afternoon (David and boy adam drove up after work Friday evening) and Brad (OML 2009) picked me up at the airport. It was great to see Brad and I'd like to thank him again for sponsoring my IML 2009 website this year and serving as webmaster of the site as well. By his taking on this initiative, he has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I appreciate all of his work and creativity!

Friday night was the bar crawl. Lamalani had made it in time to Tulsa from Seattle to join us. I so miss her, but I get to see her again in two weeks in San Francisco! Back back to the bar crawl: It was alot of fun. There were five different bars that we were bused around to. I was able to meet up with so many people that I have met during my travels. David and boy adam finally made it in when we got to the Tulsa Eagle. Then we headed back to the hotel to the hospitality suite. Spent some time there and then crashed for the evening.

Saturday morning we held the interview portion of the contest. There were two contestants: Ron and Jonathon. Both of them did extremely well and both have truly grown in their journey just since the Tulsa Mr. Leather contest.

That afternoon we attended some classes. One class was on cigars, one on sounds and the other on sensory deprivation. Very interesting, all of them!

That evening was the contest. The contest was great and both of the contestants truly brought their game on and competed very well. I judged with Ron, Mark, Lamalani, Brad, Sir Jason, Michelle and James. It was indeed an honor to be a part of the contest.

I will say that it was also a great feeling when my husband presented the colors for Leather Knights and boy adam presented the colors of the DFW leatherboys. The Leather Knights had made a road trip to Tulsa and received one of the biggest applause's that evening. My LK brothers came out in force and it was incredible to see and hear them!!

Once the contest was over and the votes were tallied, Ron Harwood was named Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2010. Congratulations to Ron and I know he will make Oklahoma proud during his title year.

That night we headed back to the hotel hospitality suite and Bear came out for his own five minute meet and greet. Then boy adam and I headed back to the room and hit the hay. I was tired. David made it back to the room around three.

Sunday we got up and I flew home and David and boy adam drove home. It was a short weekend, but as usual, the Oklahoma community can pack alot of fun into a small amount of time! Thank you to everyone in the community for making the weekend so wonderful!!

Next up: Albuquerque, New Mexico for Rio Grande Leather.

Your Leather Brother,

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  1. it was so good to see you and david again! i'll definitely be down your way for something in the near future... just hope you're in town for it as well :) thank you so much for coming up for OML. you and the dallas crew are welcome up here any time!!

    ps would love to see the photo of Bear and the crew at the hosp suite!