Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rio Grande Leather Weekend

Good Evening Everyone,

I spent this past weekend in Albuquerque for the Rio Grande Leather Weekend. I had an exceptional time and it was great to meet and mingle with the community.

I got in on Thursday and had dinner with Matthew. Friday morning I had to do school work (fun. . .) and then late Friday afternoon I registered for the event and we then attended the opening ceremonies. Saturday were the classes and I actually got a massage! It was freaking awesome! I am the one that always gives the massage, so receiving one was a real treat! Then we had some more classes and then had to get ready for the main show that evening.

The main show featured many performances, the handing over of the titles of Mr. and Ms. Rio Grande Leather 2010 (the contest had been held a few weeks prior), a speech by yours truly, and a jock auction. The main show was an incredible time. I was a part of the jock auction, and we auctioned off a pair of my Nasty Pig yellow and black jocks. Good times!!

Congratulations to Tyler and jayson in being named Mr & Ms Rio Grande Leather 2010. I know you will both do an exceptional job during your title year and beyond.

On Sunday, I toured Albuquerque with Matthew. We went to the top of some mountain that was in the area (the name escapes me at the moment) and walked for what seemed forever. There seemed to be a large lack of oxygen due to the altitude. I am in pretty good shape, but damn, I needed an oxygen tank!

I would like to thank Matthew, as well as producers, volunteers and the Leather Community for making my time in Albuquerque so wonderful. I appreciate everything each and every one of you did, not just for me, but the entire community!

Your Leather Brother,


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  1. Jeffrey,

    Thank you for coming to Rio Grande Leather. You inspire me to be a better Leatherman. Thank you for auctioning off your jock, that was a lot of fun. I am honored that you could me there to see me receive my title. I look forward to seeing you as I travel. I believe you went to the Sandia Crest.

    In Leather,