Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mr. Detroit Eagle

Good Evening Everyone,

My trip to the Motor City (Detroit) to support the outgoing Mr. Detroit Eagle, John Boslooper, began on Wednesday. John picked me up at the airport and he gave me an excellent tour of Detroit. The first stop was the old Grand Central Station. It is an abandoned building of grand stature and a shame that it is empty and jus sitting there. Then we went on to downtown Detroit and I must say the architecture of Detroit is some of the finest that I have seen; however, the number of abandon buildings just breaks my heart. I’m not sure why they are abandoned in the large numbers that they are. My first guess is asbestos, but again, the architecture and the presence of these buildings is amazing. He also took me down to the stadium where the Detroit Tigers play. A splendid stadium indeed and very much a stadium that takes an individual back to the grand ole days of baseball (but with modern conveniences).

We then attended a planning session for D.A.R.K., an event in February that I will also be attending. I encourage everyone to go to, find out more information concerning the event and make plans to attend. I’m even receiving the opportunity to present. I’ll be presenting my class “International Mr. Leather #31 – What the hell have I gotten myself into”. NO!! I’m so joking! It is a class on IML, the history, my title year to that point, and the direction for the remaining of my year and life after IML.

After the planning session, we headed to John’s house for the evening. Thursday we got up and I did some schoolwork; and then Ron B. (Mr. Cellblock) came in to town from Chicago and dak met up with us at the house. We went out to eat and then karaoke. Do not worry, I did not sing. They want to keep the customers in the bar; not scare them away. We had a great time that evening! John and dak did sing and I must say, they were incredible. I tapped my foot to the beat of whatever song was in my head at that moment, which was unfortunately, not the same beat as the songs playing over the speaker system. But hey, I dance to a different drummer! Thanks to John, Ron and dak for a great evening!

On Friday, many of my IML brothers (Dave W. (Mr. Michigan Leather), Robert Bowden (Mr. Outloud), Rik Treadway-Newton (Mr. Maryland Leather), John Novack (Mr. New Jersey Leather) and his partner Scott, and David Dean (Mr. Pittsburg Eagle) made it into Detroit for dinner and then the Meet & Greet. It was a great dinner (thank you John for dinner) and the Meet & Greet was enjoyable. I was able to once again play pool with John Novack and he has improved tremendously in his game! No seriously, he has. He almost beat me – twice.

John B. then allowed Dave and me to speak to the patrons of the bar about our charities. Dave spearheads Mr. Friendly and it is an incredible project!! The work he and others do on behalf of the organization is second to none. Email me about how to get Mr. Friendly information and help support this very worthy cause!! I was also able to speak to everyone about the Sharon St. Cyr Fund, Inc. and the project (2010 IML Calendar sale) we have underway to raise money. I sold 11 calendars that evening and thus raised $220. Thank you to all those at the bar that supported both causes!!

Saturday afternoon, John and I attended a wedding of a former co-worker of his. It was a beautiful wedding and, as usual, I teared up when the wedding march was played. I did not know the people getting married, but it did not matter. Something about weddings and the wedding march and I start thinking about the day I married David and I get all choked up. I love that man so much!

Then we attended the Celebration of Life for Mr. Marcus via the video-cast through the internet. John has the internet on his television, so we were able to see the Celebration. Unfortunately, the video feed did not come through, so we were only able to hear the Celebration. It was an incredible moment and a tremendous testament to the life of Mr. Marcus. He will be greatly missed. I will attach the video to my blog once I receive permission to attach it.

That evening they held the Mr. Detroit Eagle contest. First we held the interviews, and then it was the bar wear, jock and pop question portions. All of the contestants did a fantastic job and congratulations to Alan Bouchard for being selected Mr. Detroit Eagle 2010.

After the contest, I rode back to John’s house, packed and then headed to the airport to fly to Key West. I was meeting my husband in Key West for some much needed R&R! Of course, I had been up since early Saturday morning, so by the time I boarded the plane, I was beyond tired. I slept the entire flight to Miami and then again on the puddle jumper from Miami to Key West.

Congratulations to John on a fantastic year as Mr. Detroit Eagle 2009. I am so proud of you and of all that you have accomplished during your title year and beyond. And thank you for an incredible weekend!!

Next up: Toronto for Mr. Leather Toronto (after Key West of coarse!!).

Your Leather Brother,


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  1. It was an awesome weekend indeed! Thank you so much for coming in and spending time here. We all appreciate everything you do for the community and I personally enjoy having such a wonderful leader and brother to look up to. *HUG*