Monday, February 15, 2010

Cape Town

Good Evening Everyone!

Cape Town is amazing! The day started with Jaco and Herman picking me up at the B&B and taking me to the clinic where Jaco has his office and I met James. Then off to the hospice care facility where I met Lizette (an amazing woman who runs the facility). Lizette gave us a tour of the facility and told me of the work they do for the community. Amazing work they provide; it truly touched me. Then it was off to Barcode to make sure that everything was in line for the fundraiser on Friday evening and then off to lunch. Then we went to the beach and I saw the mountain range called "The Twelve Disciples" (as it has twelve peaks). Gorgeous, I tell you; however, that is just the beginning of what would turn into an incredible tour. After this, we toured the city where I saw parliment, the museum, african market, Long Street, and the Company Gardens.

We ate dinner and then I was back to the B&B for some R&R.

Tuesday, we went to the Wine Lands. We ate lunch at Hidden Valley (no, not the salad dressing) and the to Ernie Els vineyard. Most of you know that I am not a "wine" person; however, I am now! I so fell in love with the wines and they were wonderful. Much better than the boxes I usually pour my wine from . . . LOL I was also able to play with the Cheeta's. Okay, I petted them, not played. But it was great!!! They are so soft!

After the wine tour and petting the pussy, we ate dinner and then I was back at the B&B for R&R. It took alot out of me to travel to Cape Town and Jaco and Herman were the best hosts, as they recognized that and allowed me the chance to rest when I needed it. Besides, Thursday was the "Grand Tour" day!!

Wednesday was down time for all of us. Herman made an excellent curry chicken for lunch and Jaco and I made jello shooters for the fund raiser on Friday night. They were good, if I say so myself!

Thursday was the Grand Tour day with "Friends of Dorothy" tours and tour director extraordinare, Wade. We visited Cape Pointe, Cape of Good Hope, saw baboons and ostrich in the wild, had many laughs along the way and I saw the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. Half way through the trip, I was at a point of being speechless. There was just no way to keep speaking about the beauty of it all; as there are not enough words in the English language to describe what I was looking at. Simply amazing!

That evening, we had dinner with a few friends and it was here that everyone donated teddy bears for me to take to the Children's Home the next time I go visit. I plan to attach South African lapel pins to each of the bears, so the children know they came from that country. I think it is always important that children know that others care about them, even when those "others" are located a world away from where they are.

Friday was lunch with Jaco and Herman's friends, and then a "Bring and Brye" (or Brie or Brey, I'm not sure how to spell it.). It's where you bring your meat and they grill it on the grill. Similar to a BBQ in the States. That was alot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. I so love meeting people in the community and learning about the cultural differences and similarities. Then it was off to the fundraiser at the Amsterdam Bar. Jaco raised about R$4900 and I was so pleased he was able to raise so much. The community seems to really be wrapping itself around Jaco and his journey to IML. They are supportive and as I have traveled, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of support each community provides to their representative.

Saturday, we were finally able to go to Table Mountain. The weather has to be just right in order to head up that direction. There is usually a cloud, or it is too windy, or it is raining which does not allow a person to visit. However, on my last day in Cape Town, I was able to head up there with Jaco and Herman. WOW! What beauty!!!

We then went to the Meet and Greet at Kinks Leather. I spoke about my IML journey, funny things that have happened along the way, and what my plans are for the future. We had a Q&A session, as well. I thought it was great and really enjoyed the discussion. I think it also helped Jaco prepare for his IML contest journey.

That evening we went to BarCode for another Meet and Greet and then it was off to the B&B so I could pack and get ready to get to the airport early for my trip to Johannesburg.

To sum up Cape Town, I can only say that I have not experienced such a trip to date. It was beyond my expectations in every sense of the word. They offered the most beautiful scenery, the best wine, hospitality that I can only compare to true Southern Hospitality (being from the south, that is high praise indeed!), but most importantly, they showed me a community and allowed me to be a part of this community for a week. They allowed me to see the side of it that isn't always so pretty (as we all know, every community has it's issues) and they allowed me to see the side of it that shows true promise in respect to honor and compromise and effective communication. The community, more than once said, "We are a young community and working through things", but I say to each of you, "Keep working through them. Keep communicating with each other. You're not as small as you think you are, in fact you are larger than many communities I have visited. But you have so much to offer each other and the world."

Thank you Cape Town! You will definitely go down in IML #31's book as the trip to remember. I look forward to returning next year, with my husband and our boy. And I have no doubt, you will have grown even larger and better as a community.

Next up: Johannesburg.

Your Leather Brother, Jeffrey

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