Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mr. Texas Leather

Good Evening Everyone,

My 2nd step down was this weekend. It began as soon as I landed back in Dallas on Thursday. Tons of people had already started to fly in for the weekend. (See the photo!) The weekend started with many trips to the airport to retrieve everyone and bringing them over to the house. On one particular trip back to the house, David told me to dress in leather and not to ask questions. It turns out that Master John and everyone in from out of town held my covering ceremony. I received my cover and title as "Sir". The fact the community bestowed this on me, it is an honor and I am thrilled to have received it on such a special weekend.

On Friday evening, we had a pre-Meet & Greet at our friends home (John and Kevin). It was mainly for the out of town guests and our Leather Knights brothers. It was wonderful to see everyone.

We then left John and Kevin's home and headed to the Dallas Eagle for my birthday celebration and the Official Meet & Greet for Mr. Texas Leather. We did some presentations (thank you to the Dallas Eagle and Dan Perry for the birthday gifts) and then they played a video for me. Randy C. had made a video of my Mr. Texas Leather year and it was wonderful!! It made me laugh and made me cry. At the end of the video, they wheeled out a cake in the shape of an armadillo! Just like from Steel Magnolias! And George H. dressed as Ousia and cut me "a nice piece of ass" off of the armadillo! It was Red Velvet with grey icing! LOL A perfect party!

I did present David (my David) a title vest. A title vest, you ask? Yes, David joyfully owns the title this past year as The International First Lady of Leather (TIFLOL), so I had a title vest done in his honor. Thank you Teddy and Dan for all of your hard work in getting the vest completed for him. It was done in the same manner as my IML title vest. So congratulations to David for a title vest well earned!!

We met all of the contestants that evening as well. I really enjoyed seeing all of them again. I already knew every one of the contestants, as they are from my state! I knew at the end of the contest, this would not be an easy choice.

On Saturday, we held the interview portion of the contest at the Dallas Eagle. We then headed back to the house, ate some lunch and got ready for the evenings contest. That evening, we started at TMC for the VIP Party and then moved over to the Rose Room for the contest. After the many categories, speeches, titleholder recognition, etc., they announced that Jack Duke, Mr. Dallas Eagle was the winner of Mr. Texas Leather 2010. Congratulations to Jack and I know he will do very well as a representative for our State.

Saturday night was the victory party at the Dallas Eagle. Sunday was the Victory Brunch at the Dallas Eagle and then we had open mic. I would like to thank everyone that gave me such kind words. It truly meant so much to me.

A quick note about the actual weekend and contest. Congratulations to Dan Perry for presenting a stellar contest weekend to the Texas community. It was a contest that was expertly organized, amazingly fun and totally enjoyable. Producers across the world should turn to you to learn how to produce an excellent event! Thank you for making my stepdown so incredible.

Sunday, after the brunch, we came home and had a BBQ here at the house for our guests. It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

By Monday evening, everyone had returned home. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to everyone that flew in for my stepdown for Mr. Texas Leather. It meant the world to me. (And I only cried twice!)

Next up: D.A.R.K. Weekend in Detroit!

Your Leather Brother, Jeffrey

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