Thursday, February 11, 2010

D.A.R.K. Weekend (Detroit)

Good Evening Everyone,

DARK Weekend in Detroit was a great amount of fun. It's a smaller event; however, in this case, size truly does not matter! I had a GREAT time! John and James picked me up at the airport on Thursday and we headed to James and his partners (Paul) home for dinner. Homemade Alfredo sauce with shrimp and homemade cheesecake. Wonderful dinner and great conversation!!!

On Friday, we registered for the weekend and they had a "Bottoms Buffet". This meant that there were different areas set up around the meeting hall where a person could be the 'demo bottom' for someone that was experienced in whatever the activity was. There was a flogging station, fire play, single tail whip, tactile play, etc. There was also a vendor market. It was an incredible time and I really enjoyed the demonstrations.

On Saturday, they had the workshops and I presented my class on "My IML Title Year". I mainly spoke about the funnier moments, the more touching moments, preparing for the IML contest, how I have dealt with the title year both financially, personally and with my husband and family and local community. I enjoyed the class and there was alot of good energy in the room! The other classes were exceptional, as well! I especially enjoyed the class on tactile play (as I love tactile play!).

That evening, we went to the R&R bar and had an incredible time. I ran into Bob from LA (I hadn't seen him since ABW in New Orleans). The crowd was great and I had a great time!

Sunday, Paul, James and I went touring around Detroit. We went to so many places and the coolest places, as well. Attached is the photo from this site where they stack old christmas trees and spray water continuously on them and the water freezes into a very interesting sculpture. We then went to the same type of sculpture; however, it was done with an old abandoned house. It was truly interesting!!

Monday, I headed home to Dallas. DARK Weekend was really, really fun and I want to thank the entire Detroit community for offering such a fantastic event. I also wanted to encourage all of you to attend this event in the future. I have been to small, medium and large events and they all have their positives; and DARK Weekend has some huge positives about it! So, next year, get out to Detroit and enjoy the weekend!!

Next up: Cape Town, South Africa!

Your Leather Brother, Jeffrey

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